Needle Roller Bearings B1212, B1616, B3620
Time: 2023-08-18
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Needle Roller Bearings B1212, B1616, B3620 Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings This kind bearing consists of full of needles extending to outer raceway, thus bearing high load. It is applied to the situation where the devices mounted with needle roller bearings run in swinging operation with low and middle speed. Since the bearings are fed with lubricating grease when are delivered, it is unnecessary to add the lubricating grease in assembling. Open end: B, BH series Closed end: M, MH series B44 B116 B2016 B3612 B45 B118 B2020 B3620 B47 B1110 B218 B3624 B55 B1112 B2110 B4216 B56 B126 B2120 B4410 B57 B128 B228 B4416 B59 B1210 B2212 B4420 B65 B1212 B2216 B66 B136 B2220 B67 B138 B248 B68 B1314 B2410 B69 B1316 B2412 B610 B146 B2414 B76 B148 B2414 B77 B1412 B2416 B78 B1416 B2420 B710 B1418 B268 B85 B158 B2610 B86 B1516 B2616 B87 B166 B2620 B88 B167 B2812 B810 B168 B2816 B812 B1610 B2820 B95 B1612 B2824 B96 B1616 B308 B97 B1710 B3012 B98 B186 B3016 B910 B188 B328 B912 B1812 B3216 B105 B1816 B3220 B107 B1916 B3228 B108 B208 B348 B1010 B2010 B3416 B1012 B2012 B3424
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