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Angular contact ball bearings with counter bore on inner rings

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Angular contact ball bearings with counter bore on inner rings 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(dxDxT)Weight(kg)Suppliers
B728/8C2136088J8x16x5-view suppliers
B728X2C136078K8x24x7-view suppliers
B719/5C1136095J5x13x4-view suppliers
B719/6C11360966x15x50.0037view suppliers
B719/8C/P41136098J8x19x60.007view suppliers
B71901X1C1136701J12x22x6-view suppliers
B739/9X3C/P4C136079J9x22x80.0128view suppliers
B705C1360155x14x50.00358view suppliers
B707C1360177x19x60.0072view suppliers
B708C1360188x22x70.0107view suppliers
B708C136018J8x22x70.0107view suppliers
B708C/YA136018KJ8x22x70.0107view suppliers
B708C/YA4136018K8x22x70.0107view suppliers
B709C1360199x24x70.0132view suppliers
B709C136019J9x24x70.0132view suppliers
B7000C13610010x26x80.02view suppliers
B7000C136100J10x26x80.02view suppliers
B7000CQ1136100Q10x26x80.02view suppliers
B7000C/YA136100JK10x26x8-view suppliers
B7000C/YA136100Y10x26x8-view suppliers

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