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Guild pair of rectillinear motion

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Guild pair of rectillinear motion 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(~)Weight(kg)Suppliers
SBG15FL24x47x58. 8x38x30x15x4. 5x7. 5x5. 3x20 1.5view suppliers
SBG20FL30x63x77. 2x53x40x20x6x9. 5x8. 5x20 2.16view suppliers
SBG25FL36x70x86. 9x57x45x23x7x11x9x20 3.14view suppliers
SBG30FL42x90x98x72x52x28x9x 14x12x20 4.5view suppliers
SBG35FL48x100x1 09.5x82x 62x34x9x 14x12x20 6.3view suppliers
SBG45FL60x120x1 36x100x8 0x45x14x 20x17x22 .5 10.9view suppliers
SBG55FL70x140x160x116x95x53 x16x23x20x30 14.9view suppliers
SBG65FL90x170x189x142x110x6 3x18x26x22x35 21.3view suppliers
SBG15SL28x34x56. 5x26x26x15x4. 5x7. 5x5. 3x20 1.5view suppliers
SBG20SL30x44x74 x32x36x2 0x6x9.5x 8.5x20 2.16view suppliers
SBG25SL40x48x83x35x35x23x7x 11x9x20 3.14view suppliers
SBG30SL45x60x98x40x40x28x9x 14x12x20 4.5view suppliers
SBG35SL55x70x10 9.5x50x5 0x34x9x1 4x12x20 6.3view suppliers
SBG45S70x86x13 9x60x60x 45x14x20 x17x22.5 10.9view suppliers
SBG55SL80x100x163x75x75x53x 16x23x20x30 14.9view suppliers
SBG65SL90x126x186x76x70x63x 18x26x22x35 21.3view suppliers
SBG20FLL30x63x90 x53x40x2 0x6x9.5x 8.5x20 2.16view suppliers
SBG25FLL36x70x102. 5x57x45x23x7x11x9x20 3.14view suppliers
SBG30FLL42x90x98 x120.5x7 2x52x28x 9x14x12x 20 4.5view suppliers
SBG35FLL48x100x135x82x62x34x 9x14x12x20 6.3view suppliers

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