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Spherical plain bearing rod end with internal thread and counter bore,
cartridge design

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Spherical plain bearing rod end with internal thread and counter bore,cartridge design 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(dxBxC1xd2xh1xd3)Weight(kg)Suppliers
SIR20ES20x16x19 x56x50xM 16x1.5 0.37view suppliers
SIR25ES25x20x23 x56x50xM 16x1.5 0.43view suppliers
SIR30ES30x22x28 x64x60xM 22x1.5 0.7view suppliers
SIR35ES35x25x30 x78x70xM 28x1.5 1.1view suppliers
SIR40ES40x28x35 x94x85xM 35x1.5 1.3view suppliers
SIR50ES50x35x40 x116x105 xM45x1.5 3.3view suppliers
SIR60ES60x44x50 x130x130 xM58x1.5 5.45view suppliers
SIR70ES70x49x55 x154x150 xM65x1.5 8.55view suppliers
SIR80ES80x55x60x176x170xM80 x2 12view suppliers
SIR100ES100x70x70x230x235xM1 10x2 27.5view suppliers
SIGEW12ES12x12x10. 5x32x38xM12x1. 25 0.11view suppliers
SIGEW16ES16x16x13 x40x44xM 14x1.5 0.21view suppliers
SIGEW20ES20x20x17 x47x52xM 16x1.5 0.4view suppliers
SIGEW25ES25x25x21 x58x65xM 20x1.5 0.66view suppliers
SIGEW32ES32x32x27x70x80xM27x2 1.2view suppliers
SIGEW40ES40x30x32x89x97xM33x2 2.05view suppliers
SIGEW50ES50x50x40x108x120xM42 x2 4.45view suppliers
SIGEW63ES63x63x52x132x140xM48 x2 7.6view suppliers
SIGEW80ES80x80x66x168x180xM63 x3 14.5view suppliers
SIGEW100ES100x100x84x210x210xM 80x3 28view suppliers

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