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Inch series spherical plain bearing rod end with pressed round outer rings

Inch series spherical plain bearing rod end with pressed round outer rings 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(dxBxC1xd2xh1xd3)Weight(kg)Suppliers
SAZJ44. 83x7. 92x5. 94x15. 88x31. 75x10-32 0.014view suppliers
SAZJ66.35x9.5 3x6.35x1 9.05x39. 67x1/4-2 8 0.018view suppliers
SAZJ77.94x11. 1x7.92x2 2.23x47. 63x5/16- 24 0.032view suppliers
SAZJ99.53x12. 7x9.12x2 5.4x49.2 3x3/8-24 0.05view suppliers
SAZJ1111.11x14 .27x10.3 1x28.58x 53.98x7/ 16-20 0.068view suppliers
SAZJ1212.7x15. 88x11.5x 33.32x61 .93x1/2- 20 0.11view suppliers
SAZJ1515.88x19 .05x12.2 9x38.1x6 6.68x5/8 -18 0.16view suppliers
SAZJ1919.05x22 .23x15.0 6x44.45x 73.03x3/ 4-16 0.26view suppliers
SIZJ44. 83x7. 92x5. 94x15. 88x26. 97x10-32 0.018view suppliers
SIZJ66.35x9.5 3x6.35x1 9.05x33. 32x1/4-2 8 0.023view suppliers
SIZJ77.94x11. 1x7.92x2 2.23x34. 93x5/16- 24 0.036view suppliers
SIZJ99.53x12. 7x9.12x2 5.4x41.2 8x3/8-24 0.059view suppliers
SIZJ1111.1x14. 27x10.31 x28.58x4 6.02x7/1 6-20 0.082view suppliers
SIZJ1212.7x15. 88x11.5x 33.32x53 .98x1/2- 20 0.132view suppliers
SIZJ1515.88x19 .05x12.2 9x38.1x6 3.5x5/8- 18 0.195view suppliers
SIZJ1919.05x22 .23x15.0 6x44.45x 73.03x3/ 4-16 0.295view suppliers

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