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Spherical plain bearing rod end with inlaid liner,
integral design

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Spherical plain bearing rod end with inlaid liner, integral design 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(dxBxC1xd2xhxd3)Weight(kg)Suppliers
SABP5S5x8x6x16x33xM50.012view suppliers
SABP6S6x9x6.75x18x36xM60.019view suppliers
SABP8S8x12x9x22x42xM80.032view suppliers
SABP10S10x14x10. 5x26x48xM10 0.054view suppliers
SABP12S12x16x12x30x54xM120.084view suppliers
SABP14S14x19x13. 5x34x60xM14 0.126view suppliers
SABP16S16x21x15x38x66xM160.185view suppliers
SABP18S18x23x16. 5x42x72xM18x1. 5 0.259view suppliers
SABP20S20x25x18 x46x78xM 20x1.5 0.341view suppliers
SABP22S22x28x20 x50x84xM 22x1.5 0.434view suppliers
SABP25S25x31x22x60x94xM24x2 0.648view suppliers
SABP28S28x35x25x66x103xM27x 2 0.874view suppliers
SABP30S30x37x25x70x110xM30x 2 1.07view suppliers
SAZP4S4. 83x7. 92x6. 35x15. 88x31. 75x10-32 0.013view suppliers
SAZP6S6.35x9.5 3x7.14x1 9.05x39. 67x1/4-2 8 0.022view suppliers
SAZP7S7.94x11. 1x8.74x2 2.23x47. 63x5/16- 24 0.037view suppliers
SAZP9S9.53x12. 7x10.31x 25.4x49. 23x3/8-2 4 0.055view suppliers
SAZP11S11.11x14 .27x11.1 x28.58x5 3.98x7/1 6-20 0.078view suppliers
SAZP12S12.7x15. 88x12.7x 33.32x61 .93x1/2- 20 0.12view suppliers
SAZP15S15.88x19 .05x14.2 7x38.1x6 6.68x5/8 -18 0.18view suppliers

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