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Spherical plain bearing rod end,
cartridge design

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Spherical plain bearing rod end, cartridge design 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(dxBxC1xd2xhxd3)Weight(kg)Suppliers
SA5E5x6x4.5x21x36xM50.011view suppliers
SA6E6x6x4.5x21x36xM60.013view suppliers
SA8E8x8x6.5x24x42xM80.026view suppliers
SA10E10x9x7.5x29x48xM100.044view suppliers
SA12E12x10x8.5x34x54xM120.066view suppliers
SA15E15x12x10. 5x40x63xM14 -view suppliers
SA17E17x14x11. 5x46x69xM16 0.172view suppliers
SA20E20x16x13. 5x53x78xM20x1. 5 0.283view suppliers
SA25E25x20x18x64x94xM24x2 0.504view suppliers
SA30E30x22x20x73x110xM30x 20 0.835view suppliers
SA35E35x22x25x82x140-1.4view suppliers
SA40E40x24x28x92x150-1.85view suppliers
SA45E45x28x32x102x163-2.55view suppliers
SA50E50x31x35x112x185-3.55view suppliers
SA60E60x39x44x135x210-5.7view suppliers
SA70E70x43x49x160x235-7.9view suppliers
SA80E80x48x55x180x270-12view suppliers
SA15ES15x12x10. 5x40x63xM14 0.121view suppliers
SA17ES17x14x11. 5x46x69xM16 0.172view suppliers
SA20ES20x16x13. 5x53x78xM20x1. 5 0.283view suppliers

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