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Insert bearing housing

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Insert bearing housing 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(DaxLmaxxAmaxxJxNmin)Weight(kg)Suppliers
P203Z50340x129x39x96x30. 2x17x62x11. 5x16 0.52view suppliers
P204Z50447x134x39x96x33. 3x17x65x11. 5x16 0.53view suppliers
P205Z50552x142x39x105x36. 5x17x71x11. 5x16 0.6view suppliers
P206Z50662x167x48x121x42. 9x20x83x14x19 0.97view suppliers
P207Z50772x172x48x126x47. 6x20x93x14x19 1.11view suppliers
P208Z50880x186x55x136x49. 2x20x98x14x19 1.25view suppliers
P209Z50985x192x55x146x54x22x 106x14x19 1.5view suppliers
P210Z51090x208x61x159x57. 2x23x114x18x20 1.8view suppliers
P211Z511100x233x61x172x63. 5x25x126x18x20 2.22view suppliers
P212Z512110x243x71x186x69. 9x27x138x18x22 3.07view suppliers
P213Z513120x268x72x203x76. 2x30x151x23x24 4.05view suppliers
P214Z514125x269x74x210x79. 4x30x157x23x24 4.5view suppliers
P215Z515130x278x76x217x82. 6x31x163x23x24 5.05view suppliers
P216Z516140x295x80x232x88. 9x33x175x23x24 6.02view suppliers
P217Z517150x313x85x247x95. 5x35x187x23x24 7.63view suppliers
P218Z518160x330x90x262x101. 6x37x200x25x26 8.64view suppliers
P305Z60562x175x45x132x45x17x 85x17x20 1.05view suppliers
P306Z60672x180x50x140x50x20x 95x17x20 1.24view suppliers
P307Z60780x210x56x160x56x22x 106x17x25 2.09view suppliers
P308Z60890x220x60x170x60x24x 116x17x27 2.04view suppliers

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