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Rolling bearing housing

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Rolling bearing housing 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(d1xDxgxAxA1xHxHxH2xLxJ)Weight(kg)Suppliers
SN20530x52x25x67x46x40x22 x75x165x130 1.3view suppliers
SN20635x62x30x77x52x50x22 x90x185x150 1.8view suppliers
SN20745x72x33x82x52x50x22 x95x185x150 2.1view suppliers
SN20850x80x33x85x60x60x25 x110x205x170 2.6view suppliers
SN20955x85x31x85x60x60x25 x110x205x170 2.8view suppliers
SN21060x90x33x90x60x60x25 x115x205x170 3.1view suppliers
SN21165x100x33x95x70x70x2 8x130x255x210 4.3view suppliers
SN21270x110x38x105x70x70x 30x135x255x210 5view suppliers
SN21375x120x43x110x80x80x 30x150x275x230 6.3view suppliers
SN21480x125x44x115x80x80x 30x155x275x230 6.3view suppliers
SN21585x130x41x115x80x80x 30x155x280x230 7view suppliers
SN21690x140x43x120x90x95x 32x175x315x260 9.3view suppliers
SN21795x150x46x125x90x95x 32x185x320x260 9.8view suppliers
SN218100x160x 62.4x145 x100x100 x35x195x 345x290 12.3view suppliers
SN220150x180x 70.3x160 x110x112 x40x215x 380x320 16.5view suppliers
SN222125x200x80x175x120x1 25x45x240x410x350 19.3view suppliers
SN224132x215x86x185x120x1 40x45x270x410x350 24.6view suppliers
SN226145x230x90x190x130x1 50x50x290x445x380 30view suppliers
SN228155x250x98x205x150x1 50x50x305x500x420 37view suppliers
SN230165x270x106x220x160x 160x60x325x530x450 45view suppliers

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