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Insert bearing units with hanger housing

Insert bearing units with hanger housing 
New No.Old No.SKFSize(dxBxSxLxHxH0)Weight(kg)Suppliers
UCHA203HA9050317x27. 4x11. 5x64x64x96 0.6view suppliers
UCHA204HA9050420x31x12.7x64x64x960.7view suppliers
UCHA205HA9050525x34. 1x14. 3x78x64x103 0.88view suppliers
UCHA206HA9050630x38. 1x15. 9x80x64x104 1view suppliers
UCHA207HA9050735x42. 9x17. 5x92x70x116 1.2view suppliers
UCHA208HA9050840x49. 2x19x100x73x123 1.3view suppliers
UCHA209HA9050945x49. 2x19x108x82x136 1.8view suppliers
UCHA210HA9051050x51. 6x19x118x83x142 2.1view suppliers
UCHA211HA9051155x55. 6x25. 4x126x87x150 2.8view suppliers
UCHA212HA9051260x65. 1x25. 4x142x102x173 3.9view suppliers
UCHA213HA9051365x65. 1x25. 4x166x117x200 5.9view suppliers
UCHA214HA9051470x74. 6x30. 2x166x117x200 6view suppliers
UCHA215HA9051575x77. 8x33. 3x166x117x200 6.1view suppliers

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