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Insert bearing units with take-up housing

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Insert bearing units with take-up housing 
New No.Old No.NTNSKFNSKFYHASAHISize(LxdxHxL1xNxB)Weight(kg)Suppliers
UCK203K90503(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )17x27.4 x30x12x8 2x88x58 0.7view suppliers
UCK204504(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )20x31x5 1x13.5x9 4x104x69 0.79view suppliers
UCK205505(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )25x34.1 x51x13.5 x94x104x 69 0.88view suppliers
UCK206K90506UCT206TU30TFUCT206UCT206UCT206(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )30x38.1 x53x13.5 x107x118 x74 1.3view suppliers
UCK207507(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )35x42.9 x53x13.5 x107x131 x78 1.7view suppliers
UCK208508(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )40x49.2 x67x17.5 x124x146 x91 2.5view suppliers
UCK209K90509UCT209TU45TFUCT209UCT209UCT209(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )45x49.2 x67x17.5 x124x149 x91 2.5view suppliers
UCK210510(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )50x51.6 x67x17.5 x124x153 x92 2.6view suppliers
UCK211511(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )55x55.6 x72x27x1 52x191x1 20 4view suppliers
UCK212K90512UCT212TU60TFUCT212UCT212UCT212(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )60x65.1 x72x27x1 52x196x1 20 4.9view suppliers
UCK213513(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )65x65.1 x70x27x1 67x224x1 37 7view suppliers
UCK214514(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )70x74.6 x70x27x1 67x224x1 37 7.1view suppliers
UCK215K90515(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )75x77.8 x70x27x1 67x232x1 40 7.3view suppliers
UCK216516(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )80x82.6 x70x27x1 84x235x1 40 8.2view suppliers
UCK217517(dxBxAxA 1xHxLxL1 )85x85.7 x73x30x1 98x260x1 62 11view suppliers
UCK305K90605UCT305UCT305UCT305(dxBxAxA1xHxLxL1)25x 38x36x12x89x122x76 1.54view suppliers
UCK306606(dxBxAxA1xHxLxL1)30x 43x41x16x100x137x85 1.73view suppliers
UCK307607(dxBxAxA1xHxLxL1)35x 48x45x16x111x150x94 2.14view suppliers
UCK308K90608UCT308UCT308UCT308(dxBxAxA1xHxLxL1)40x 52x50x18x124x162x100 2.84view suppliers
UCK309609(dxBxAxA1xHxLxL1)45x 57x55x18x138x178x110 3.6view suppliers

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