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Insert bearing units with oval housing

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Insert bearing units with oval housing 
New No.Old No.NTNSKFFAGFYHASAHISize(dxHxJxLxB)Weight(kg)Suppliers
UCFLU201L90501FYTB12TF(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 12x33.3x -x99x-x7 6.5x- 0.45view suppliers
UCWFLU201L90501(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 12x27.4x -x99x-x7 6.5x- 0.6view suppliers
UCFLU202L90502FYTB15TF(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 15x33.3x -x99x-x7 6.5x- 0.45view suppliers
UCWFLU202L90502(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 15x27.4x -x99x-x7 6.5x- 0.6view suppliers
UCWFLU203L90503(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 17x27.4x -x99x-x7 6.5x- 0.45view suppliers
UCFLU203L90503FYTB17TF(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 17x33.3x 11.5x99x 32x76.5x 17 0.6view suppliers
UCFLU204L90504UCFLU204FYTB20TFUCFLU56204UCFLU204UCFLU204(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 20x31x12 .7x113x3 4x90x19 0.48view suppliers
UCFLU205L90505UCFLU205FYTB25TFUCFLU56205UCFLU205UCFLU205(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 25x34.1x 14.3x125 x35x99x1 9 0.6view suppliers
UCFLU206L90506UCFLU206FYTB30TFUCFLU56206UCFLU206UCFLU206(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 30x38.1x 15.9x142 x38x116. 5x20 0.9view suppliers
UCFLU207L90507UCFLU207FYTB35TFUCFLU56207UCFLU207UCFLU207(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 35x42.9x 17.5x156 x38x130x 21 1.2view suppliers
UCFLU208L90508UCFLU208FYTB40TFUCFLU56208UCFLU208UCFLU208(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 40x49.2x 19x172x4 3x143.5x 24 1.6view suppliers
UCFLU209L90509UCFLU209FYTB45TFUCFLU56209UCFLU209UCFLU209(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 45x49.2x 19x180x4 5x148.5x 24 1.9view suppliers
UCFLU210L90510UCFLU210FYTB50TFUCFLU56210UCFLU210UCFLU210(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 50x51.6x 19x190x4 8x157x28 2.2view suppliers
UCFLU211L90511UCFLU211UCFLU56211UCFLU211UCFLU211(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 55x55.6x 22.2x217 x51x184x 31 3.1view suppliers
UCFLU212L90512UCFLU212UCFLU56212UCFLU212UCFLU212(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 60x65.1x 25.4x235 x60x202x 34 4view suppliers
UCFLU213L90513(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 65x69.7x 25.4x258 x50x210x 30 5view suppliers
UCFLU214L90514(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 70x74.6x 30.2x265 x54x216x 31 5.6view suppliers
UCFLU215L90515(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 75x77.8x 33.3x275 x56x225x 34 6.2view suppliers
UCFLU216L90516(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 80x82.6x 33.3x290 x58x233x 34 7.8view suppliers
UCFLU217L90517(dxBxSxH xAxJxA2) 85x85.7x 341x305x 63x248x3 6 9.8view suppliers

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