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BeiJin g Z hongXing  Sh iQiang&n bsp;Engi neering& nbsp;Cer amic&nbs p;Co.Ltd (SQ)&nbs p;

BeiJin g Z hongXing  Sh iQiang&n bsp;Engi neering& nbsp;Cer amic&nbs p;Co.Ltd , i s a  hi gh-tech& nbsp;cer amic&nbs p;specia l c ompany&n bsp;in&n bsp;BEIJ ING.&nbs p;
The&nb sp;main& nbsp;pro ducts&nb sp;of&nb sp;compa ny,  ;zirconi a,Alumin um  oxide,si licon&nb sp;carbi de,silic on  nitride& nbsp;bea r-ings,b alls,&nb sp;and&n bsp;a&nb sp;great  ma ny  workpiec es  of  the  ;mention s c eramic.& nbsp;The  be arings&n bsp;have  ob tai-ned& nbsp;the  CH INESE&nb sp;STATE  NE W P RODUCT,i n 2 002  ;,  and  ;seven&n bsp;pate nts  ;assigne d b y C hina&nbs p;Patent  of fice,&nb sp;SQ&nb sp;produ ces  ;ceramic  be arings,b alls&nbs p;and&nb sp;other  pr oducts&n bsp;in&n bsp;quan tities&n bsp;to&n bsp;meet  th e r equireme nt  of  domestic  an d f oreign&n bsp;cust omers.&n bsp;the& nbsp;bal l’s  ;size&nb sp;is&nb sp;fro-m  0. 5 t o 9 0mm  ;and&nbs p;precis ion  ;include s G 5-G100,& nbsp;All  qu alitles& nbsp;are  ce rtified& nbsp;by& nbsp;nat ional&nb sp;beari ng  compo-ne nts  ;certifi ed  center.& nbsp;Ful l c eramic&n bsp;ball  be arings&n bsp;(out er  ring&nbs p;,inner  ri ng  and  ;ball&nb sp;are&n bsp;made of  ceramics ,cage&nb sp;is&nb sp;made& nbsp;of& nbsp;Tef lon  ;or  ;graphit e r einforci ng  )and&nbs p;hybrid  ce ramic&nb sp;ball& nbsp;bea ri-ngs&n bsp;(out er  ring&nbs p;and&nb sp;inner  ri ng  are  ;made&nb sp;of&nb sp;steel ) m ade  ;by  ;SQ  ;and&nbs p;its&nb sp;coope rative&n bsp;unit s h ave  ;been&nb sp;expor ted  ;to  ;USA、GER MANY、JAP AN、TAIWA N A ND  KOREA&nb sp;custo mer  ;andothe r c ountries  an d a reas.&nb sp;The&n bsp;SQ&n bsp;prod ucts&nbs p;of&nbs p;cerami c a nd  ceramic& nbsp;bea rings&nb sp;have& nbsp;bee n s uccessfu lly  ;applied  in  av iation&n bsp;and& nbsp;aer ospace&n bsp;sphe res,cont ributing  to  a& nbsp;lot  fo rnationa l d efe-nse.  To day  ;ceramic  be arings&n bsp;of&n bsp;vari ous  ;specifi cation&n bsp;in&n bsp;a&nb sp;wide& nbsp;ran g o f s izes,whi ch  are  ;made&nb sp;by&nb sp;SQ,ha ve  been&nbs p;assemb led  ;in  ;precisi on,  ;high&nb sp;speed  ma in  shaft&nb sp;denta l d rill&nbs p;instru -ment&nb sp;beari ng,  ;compute r h ard  ;disk&nb sp;drive r a nd  electric  fa n,  anti-mag netic,&n bsp;anti -corrosi on,high- temperat ure,appl ications . 
Field& nbsp;of& nbsp;App lication  
一)High  te mperatur e f ield&nbs p;
The&nb sp;trans mit  ;roller& nbsp;of& nbsp;hig h t emperatu re  furnaces :Si3N4&n bsp;cera mic  ;retains  st rength&n bsp;and& nbsp;har den-ss&n bsp;near ly  up  to  800℃,and  Al uminum&n bsp;oxid e 、 silicon& nbsp;car bide&nbs p;nearly  up  to  10 00--1400 ℃,but&nb sp;beari ng  steel&nb sp;hardn ess  ;drops&n bsp;abov e 1 20℃  ;
二)High -speed&n bsp;rota tion&nbs p;field& nbsp;
Such&n bsp;as&n bsp;high  sp eed  ;motor&n bsp;spin dle  ;bearing s,main&n bsp;shaf t b earings& nbsp;of& nbsp;mac hine.The  sp ecific&n bsp;gra- vity&nbs p;of&nbs p;Si3N4& nbsp;is& nbsp;3.2 0g/cm&nb sp;and&n bsp;that  of  be aring&nb sp;steel  is  7. 85g/cm,W e c an  see  ;the&nbs p;former  is much&nbs p;lower& nbsp;tha n t he  latter,t herefor& nbsp;the  ce ramic&nb sp;rolli ng  elements  ca n e ffective ly  restrain  th e c entrifug al  force,wh ich  ;produce s i n h igh  ;speed&n bsp;rota tion,and  re duce&nbs p;the&nb sp;load& nbsp;of& nbsp;rol ling&nbs p;ele-me nts  ;and&nbs p;race&n bsp;way& nbsp;cor respondi ng  reduces. This&nbs p;is&nbs p;good&n bsp;to&n bsp;prev ent  ;surface s f rom  ;damage.  
三)Avia tion&nbs p;and&nb sp;airsp ace  ;fields& nbsp;
The&nb sp;coeff icient&n bsp;of&n bsp;ther mal  ;expiati on  of  Si3N4&nb sp;is&nb sp;0.000 0032/k&n bsp;but& nbsp;tha t o f b earing&n bsp;stee l i s 0 .00001/k ,that&nb sp;are&n bsp;near ly  in  the  ;ration& nbsp;of& nbsp;1&n bsp;to&n bsp;4.&n bsp;Ther eford&nb sp;Si3N4  ce rmic&nbs p;bearin gs  are  ;mo-re&n bsp;stab le  and  ;reliabl e i n a  te mperatur e c hangeabl e c ondition . 
四)Main  sh aft  ;of  ;machine  to ols  ;
The&nb sp;Si3N4  ce ramic&nb sp;has&n bsp;doub le  the  ;hardnes s o f b earing&n bsp;stee l,and&nb sp;1/3&n bsp;modu lus  ;of  ;elastic itylarge r t han  ;that&nb sp;of&nb sp;beari ng  steel,We  ca n f ound&nbs p;that&n bsp;the& nbsp;ela stic&nbs p;deform ation&nb sp;of&nb sp;Si3N4  is  sm all  ;under&n bsp;an&n bsp;iden tical&nb sp;loadi ng.  ;
五)Chem ical&nbs p;machin ery,food  in dustry&n bsp;and& nbsp;mar ine  ;industr y 
The&nb sp;ceram ic  bearings  ca n s olve&nbs p;corros ion  ;problem s E x.  acid&nbs p;,alkal i , salt&nbs p;and&nb sp;so&nb sp;on.&n bsp;
六)High  va cuum&nbs p;field& nbsp;
In&nbs p;high&n bsp;vacu um  field&nb sp;peopl e t ake  ;the&nbs p;advant age  ;of  ;self-lu bricatio n o f c eramic&n bsp;bear ings&nbs p;to&nbs p;replac e t he  bearing& nbsp;in& nbsp;ord er  to  prevent& nbsp;vac uum  ;from&nb sp;lubri cation&n bsp;cont aminatio n. 
七)Stro ng  magnetic  en vironmen t 
n  ;a  strong&n bsp;magn etic&nbs p;enviro nment&nb sp;the&n bsp;meta l p owder&nb sp;which  is  pr oduced&n bsp;from  we ar  of  steel&nb sp;beari ng,adher es  the  ;surface s o f r olling&n bsp;elem ent  ;and&nbs p;race&n bsp;way& nbsp;and  ca uses&nbs p;flanki ng  in  aduance& nbsp;and  in creasing  no ise.&nbs p;The&nb sp;solut ion  ;to  ;this&nb sp;probl em  is  also&nbs p;using& nbsp;cer amic&nbs p;bearin g. 
八)Toys  ,r oller&nb sp;skate s,model& nbsp;nav igation& nbsp;and  mo tor-driv en  toys&nbs p;
It&nbs p;is&nbs p;the&nb sp;price  fa ctor&nbs p;of&nbs p;cerami c b earing&n bsp;that  li mits&nbs p;its&nb sp;wide& nbsp;use  in  th e w orld.So& nbsp;up& nbsp;to& nbsp;no- w m ost  ;applica tions&nb sp;of&nb sp;ceram ic  bearing& nbsp;are  me rely&nbs p;in&nbs p;high&n bsp;spee d,high&n bsp;prec ision&nb sp;mecha nism,in& nbsp;add ition&nb sp;the&n bsp;hybr id  construc tion&nbs p;of&nbs p;cerami c b earing,t hat  ;is  ;ceramic  ba ll  with&nbs p;steel& nbsp;inn -er  ;ring&nb sp;and&n bsp;oute r r ing,is&n bsp;most  ad opted.Ow ing  ;to  ;adoptin g n et  shaping& nbsp;tec hnology& nbsp;the  us ing  ;of  ;above&n bsp;ment ioned&nb sp;spher es  but  ;also&nb sp;of&nb sp;rolle r s kates,mo del  ;navigat ion  ;and&nbs p;motor- driven&n bsp;toys . 
Cerami c m aterials  ar e n oted&nbs p;for&nb sp;their  ch aracters  of  hi gh  strength  in  hi gh  temperat ure,high  ri gidity,c orrosion  re sistance ,high&nb sp;tempe rature&n bsp;resi stance,e lectrica l i nsulatio n,non-ma gnetic,t hesechar acters&n bsp;qual ify  ;them&nb sp;for&n bsp;repl acing&nb sp;steel  to  ma ke  bearings  to  me et  the  ;requite ments&nb sp;in&nb sp;aseve re  conditio n w here&nbs p;a  ;steel&n bsp;bear ing  ;can&nbs p;not&nb sp;be&nb sp;compe tent.&nb sp;
Non-st andard&n bsp;bear ing  ;orders& nbsp;to& nbsp;spe cificati ons  ;arrange d b y c ustomers  ar e a lso  ;welcome d. 
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Enterprise Info
Company Name
BeiJing ZhongXingShi Qiang Ceramic Bearings Ltd.,Co
Contact Name
Tao Wang
Room 506 ,No,4 Building 2 Malian south Road BeiJing XuanWu District
010-51939273,010-892 33713
Website Address
http:/ /

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