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LYPRS Bearing RB13015 RA6008 RU124
LYPRS produced crossed roller bearing. INACrossed Roller BearingSXseries :SX011814 SX011818 SX011820 SX011824 SX011828 SX011832 SX011836 SX011840 SX011848 SX011860 SX011868 SX0118/500XSU080168 XSU080188 XSU080218 XSU080258 XSU080318 XSU080398XU050077 XU060094 XU120179THKCrossed Roller Bearing RA series:RA5008 RA6008 RA7008 RA8008 RA9008 RA10008 RA11008 RA12008 RA13008 RA14008 RA15008 RA16013 RA17013 RA18013 RA19013 RA20013 THK Crossed Roller Bearing:RE2008 RE2508 RE3010 RE3510 RE4010 RE4510 RE5013 RE6013 RE7013 RE8016 RE9016 RE10016 RE10020 RE11012 RE11015 RE11020 RE12016 RE12025 RE13015 RE13025 RE14016 RE14025 RE15013 RE15025 RE15030 RE16025 RE17020 RE18025 RE19025 RE20025 RE20030 RE20035 RE22025 RE24025 RE25025 RE25030 RE25040 RE30025 RE30035 RE30040 RE35020 RE35025 RE40035 RE40040 RE45025 RE50025 RE50040 RE50050 RE60040 RE70045 RE80070 RE90070 RE1000110 RE1250110 THKCrossed Roller BearingRB Series:RB2008 RB2508 RB3010 RB3510 RB4010 RB4510 RB5013 RB6013 RB7013 RB8016 RB9016 RB10016 RB10020 RB11012 RB11015 RB11020 RB12016 RB12025 RB13015 RB13025 RB14016 RB14025 RB15013 RB15025 RB15030 RB16025 RB17020 RB18025 RB19025 RB20025 RB20030 RB20035 RB22025 RB24025 RB25025 RB25030 RB25040 RB30025 RB30035 RB30040 RB35020 RB40035 RB40040 RB45025 RB50025 RB50040 RB50050 RB60040 RB70045 RB80070 RB90070 RB1000110 RB1250110 THKCrossed Roller Bearing RUseries:RU42 RU66 RU85 RU124 RU148 RU178 RU124X RU148X RU178X RU124G RU148G RU178G RU228 RU297 RU445 RU228X RU297X RU445X RU228G RU297G RU445G IKO Crossed Roller Bearing CRB series:CRB2008 CRB2508 CRB3010 CRB3510 CRB4010 CRB4510 CRB5013 CRB6013 CRB7013 CRB8016 CRB9016 CRB10016 CRB10020 CRB11012 CRB11015 CRB11020 CRB12016 CRB12025 CRB13015 CRB13025 CRB14016 CRB14025 CRB15013 CRB15025 CRB15030 CRB16025 CRB17020 CRB18025 CRB19025 CRB20025 CRB20030 CRB20035 CRB22025 CRB24025 CRB25025 CRB25030 CRB25040 CRB30025 CRB30035 CRB30040 CRB35020 CRB40035 CRB40040 CRB40070 CRB45025 CRB50025 CRB50040 CRB50050 CRB50070 CRB60040 CRB60070 CRB600120 CRB70045 CRB70070 CRB700150 CRB80070 CRB800100 CRB800150 CRB90070 CRB900100 CRB900150 CRB1000110 CRB1000150 CRB1250110 CRB1250150 CRB1500110 CRB1500150 CRB2000110 CRB2000150 IKO Crossed Roller Bearing CRBC Series:CRBC3010 CRBC4010 CRBC5013 CRBC6013 CRBC7013 CRBC8016 CRBC9016 CRBC10020 CRBC11020 CRBC11020 CRBC12025 CRBC13025 CRBC14025 CRBC15025 CRBC15030 CRBC20025 CRBC20030 CRBC20035 CRBC25025 CRBC25030 CRBC25040 CRBC30025 CRBC30035 CRBC30040 CRBC40035 CRBC40040 CRBC40070 CRBC50040 CRBC50050 CRBC50070 CRBC60040 CRBC60070 CRBC600120 CRBC70045 CRBC70070 CRBC700150 CRBC80070 CRBC800100 IKO Crossed Roller Bearing CRBF series:CRBF108AT CRBF2012AT CRBF2512AT CRBF3515AT CRBF5515AT CRBF8022AT CRBF8022ACRBF8022AD IKOCrossed Roller Bearing CRBH series:CRBH208A CRBH258A CRBH3010A CRBH3510A CRBH4010A CRBH4510A CRBH5013A CRBH6013A CRBH7013A CRBH8016A CRBH9016A CRBH10020A CRBH11020A CRBH12025A CRBH13025A CRBH14025A CRBH15025A CRBH20025A CRBH25025A IKO Crossed Roller Bearing CRBS series:CRBS508 CRBS608 CRBS708 CRBS808 CRBS908 CRBS1008 CRBS1108 CRBS1108 CRBS1208 CRBS1308 CRBS1408 CRBS1508 CRBS16013 CRBS17013 CRBS18013 CRBS19013 CRBS20013 CRBS508V CRBS608V CRBS708V CRBS808V CRBS908V CRBS1008V CRBS1108V CRBS1208V CRBS1308V CRBS1408V CRBS1508V CRBS16013V CRBS17013V CRBS18013V CRBS19013V CRBS20013V NSKCrossed Roller Bearing NRXT series:NRXT2508DD NRXT4010DD NRXT5013DD NRXT6013DD NRXT7013DD NRXT8013DD NRXT8016DD NRXT9016DD NRXT9020DD NRXT10020DD NRXT11020DD NRXT12020DD NRXT12025DD NRXT13025DD NRXT14025DD NRXT15025DD NRXT15030DD NRXT20030DDNRXT25025 DD NRXT25030DD NRXT30025DD NRXT30035DD NRXT30040DD NRXT40035DD NRXT40040DD NRXT50040DD NRXT50050DD NRTX60040DD NRXT2508E NRXT4010E NRXT5013E NRXT6013E NRXT7013E NRXT8013E NRXT8016E NRXT9016E NRXT9020E NRXT10020E NRXT11020E NRXT12020E NRXT12025E NRXT13025E NRXT14025E NRXT15025E NRXT15030E NRXT20025E NRXT20030E NRXT25025E NRXT25030E NRXT30025E NRXT30035E NRXT30040E NRXT40035E NRXT40040E NRXT50040E NRXT50050E NRXT60040E TIMKEN Taper Cross Roller Bearing XR series:XR496051 XR496052 JXR637050 XR637050 JXR652050 JXR652050 XR678052 JXR678054 JXR699050 XR736052 XR766051 XR766052 XR820060 XR820061 XR836050 XRA844050 XR855053 XR855056 XR882054 XR882055 XR882058 XR889058 XR889059 XR889060 XR897051 SKF Taper Cross Roller Bearing XR series:BFKB353243/ HA4 BFKB353240/HA4 616093A BFKB353203/HA4 BFKB353212/HA4 BFKB353215/HA4 616094A BFKB634097 615661A BFKB353216/HA4 BFKB353224/HA4 BFKB353219/HA4 615894A 615662A BFKB353251/HA4 BFKB353282/HA4 615897A 615898A 615899A 634078A 615659A 615895A NACHI Taper Cross Roller Bearing series:200XRN28 250XRN35 300XRN50 350XRN47 400XRN55 0457XRN060 580XRN76 600XRN83 0685XRN091 0901XRN112 1028XRN132URB Taper Cross Roller Bearing :XD.10.0230P5 XD.10.0300P5 XD.10.0330P5 XD.10.0457P5 XD.10.0580P5 XD.10.0686P5 XD.10.0902P5 XD.10.1029P5 XD.10.1549P5 XD.10.1880P5
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Company Name
Luo yang Precision Bearing CO.,Ltd
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sunny zhang
Xiaosu industral Garden.Qinling South Road ,New & Hi-Tec zone,Luoyang
0379-64331927- 805
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http:/ /

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Fastener Trade Show Shanghai

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