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GFB-FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bearing
GFB-FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bearing
GFB-FB090 bronze reeling bearing adopts special formula and high density copper alloy strip as base, whose surface is rolled to make diamond oil caves or oil grooves on it. Characterized by high density, high pressure of bearing the weight, well wearing performance and long service life, it can substitute for traditional cast copper liner, it may decrease the machine’ s capacity and consequently reduce its cost. GFB-FB090 has been widely used in marine machines,lifting machines, construction machines, auto and tractor chassis,machine tool industry and mining machinery;and it may also be produced in many forms of shaft tile, turn-up shaft sleeve, stop push gasket shim,ball bowl and so on.
It may supply the following products:upright liner,turn-up shaft sleeve, plate, bearing shell,slide and steel liner assembly parts.
GFB-FB090  Wrapped Bronze Bearing
2021/2/27 15:32:00


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Jiashan Golden Finger Bearing Co.,Ltd
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Mrs Shen
No.18-2 South Hongfu Road,Xitang Town,Jiashan County,Zhejiang Province
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