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Thrust roller and cage assembly
Thrust roller and cage assembly
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DesignationOld DesignationNSKNTNFAGSKFSize(dxDxT)Weight
NTA-1828SZ-910    28.58x44.45x1.9840.009
NTA-2031SZ-920    31.75x49.2x1.9840.0094
NTA-2435     38.1x55.55x1.9840.012
NTA-3244     50.8x69.85x1.9840.018
AXW10     10x27x3.20.0083
AXW12     12x29x3.20.0091
AXW15     15x31x3.20.0101
AXW17     17x33x3.20.011
AXW20     20x38x3.20.014
AXW25     25x45x3.20.0195
AXW30AXW30    30x50x3.20.025
AXW35AXW35    35x55x3.20.027
AXW40     40x63x4.20.0392
AXW45     45x68x4.20.0434
AXW50     50x73x4.20.0492
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