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Haining Ceramic&Plastic Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province which between Shanghai and Hangzhou.It is a famous place in the world for watch the tide-bore of Qiantang River. As a high-tech stock company. It is gang up established by Zhejiang University and a old-line bearing manufacturer who have been undertaking of all sorts of high performance special type bearing manufacturing and developing.

The company owns domestic advanced numerical control turning and grinding lines and imported international advanced high precise bearing producing lines and inspection instrument from Japan,England ang Germany. The topping producing facilities and checking means can fully satisfy the needs for processing any type,size,precision grade bearing or the bearings for special purposes .Now we have triumphantly developed a series new production, main include:high performance plastic bearing,ceramic bearing,stainness bearing, beryllium bronze bearing and other sorts of special type non-standard appropriative bearing. The products respective have excellent performance of lubrication and maintenance free when working,anti-rust and eroded, anti-corrosion from acid and alkali and salt and gas, isolation and none magnetism,risist extra high and low temperature,etc. Such production have been widely used in the fields of textile, food, electron, chemistry, petroleum, medical tretment equipment and air and spaceflight industry etc. and export to the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Germany, Japan and Southeast Asia etc.

The advanced base research ability from Zhejiang University and our high ability engineer have evolved the advantage of our company: high designing ability, manufacturing technology and also have rich experience in solving product application problems.In the special application filed of rolling bearing,we could provide the whole settle way for those puzzle which have worried the industry world for hundreds of years.

We have perfect quality insurance system in the company. The production and delivery are made strictly according to the ISO standards.and have been awarded ISO9002 quality system register certificate.

New products agreeable with the taste of the market are promoted constantly year by year to fit your specific needs.

We are striving in all ways to suit your request

Main ProductsThe Most Competitive Products

Full ceramic(All-ceramic) bearing of ZrO2 materia
Full ceramic bearing have excellence performance as special electrical and magnetism resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, lubrication and maintenance free when working,especially high and low- temperature application .etc. could be used in awful environment and specially condition. The rings and balls made by full ceramic material:ZrO2, as a standard constructure,the cage made by PTFE, generally we also could make the cage with GFRPA66-25, PEEK, PI, AISI SUS304, SUS316, Cu, etc.

Full ceramic(All-ceramic) bearing of Si3N4 material
Full ceramic bearing made with Si3N4 have some better performance than ZrO2, the rings and balls made by full ceramic material:Si3N4, as a standard constructure,the cage made by PTFE, generally we also could make the cage with GFRPA66-25,PEEK,PI, Phenolic Textolite Tube ,etc. Compares than the material of ZrO2 ,The SiN4 ceramics bearings could endure heavier load and could be used in higher temperature environment. Also we could offer precision ceramic bearing which generally used in high-speed and high-rigidity spindle.the manufactured clearance could be P4 TO UP grade.

Full ceramic(All-ceramic) bearing of full complement balls
Full ceramic bearing of full complement balls has an add-ball gap on its side. Because using no frame design, the bearing able to install more ceramic balls than the standard construction, so the heavier load ability increased more. In addition, to avoid the limited of the frame material, this bearing same as the full ceramic bearing of ceramic cage has corrosion resistance and high temperature application. This series of bearing is not for high -speed choice, it should be to install on the unforced side.

Full ceramic(All-ceramic) bearing of ceramic cage
Ceramic cage has excellence performance as wear and corrosion resistance, high strength, lubrication and maintenance free when working. Adopting the ceramic cage, Ceramic bearing can be used in the most inclemency environments as corrosive, low temperature, high vacuum. The normal used ceramic materials are ZrO2, Si3N4 or Sic.

Hybrid construction ceramic ball bearing
Ceramic ball especially Si3N4 have the following performance as low density, high strength, low tribology modulus, wear resistance, well rigidity, lubrication and maintenance free when working, it's the best choice for rollers (inner ring and outer ring are made by metal) of the hybrid construction ceramic ball bearing which are used in high-speed, high accuracy and long life environments. Normally, GCr15 or AISI440C makes inner ring and outer ring; the ceramic ball can adopt ZrO2, Si3N4 or Sic.
Plastic Bearings

Precision plastic bearing
Precision plastic bearings,have the more exact rolling accuracy and more strict dimension tolerance. The proper material, which is prone to precision machining, is selected to make the inner ring, outer ring, balls and cage, could be used in precision and high-speed running applications.

Anti-Corrosion Plastic Bearings
Various material such as;POM, PP, PA, PBT, UHMWPE, PTFE,PEEK may be selected for their resistance to chemicals aim at various anti-corrosion application, Such bearings can operate in liquids and contamination sensitive environments even eroded in the most inclemency acid/ alkali/ salt/ impregnant/ oil/ gas/ seawater. Generally materials are fit together as following:

Anti-Acid & Anti-Alkali Bearing
HDPE, PE, UHMWPE are approved can be used in faintish acid and alkali environment. (30% CuCl2 solution and 30% NaOH solution is tested ok). PVDF AND PTFE can be used in strong acid and alkali environment. therein?PTFE can be used in thick acid and alkali environment, including HF oleum and nitric acid.

High Temperature Application Plastic Bearings
PVDF, PTFE (Teflon), PPS, PEEK, PI were approved which are the perfect material for high temperature application plastic bearings. therein , PI can be used at 300? in long-term?short-term can endure 350?, which is the best one on the known project plastic.

Plastic Inserts & Plastic Pillow Blocks
The plastics insert bearings specially have the performance of corrosion and wear resistance, reduce vibration and anti-bump, be freed from the maintenance and so forth, aim at working in different environment the material of PBT, UHMN, and PTFE can be provided as choice.

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