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Dalian ZhiTeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dalian ZhiTeng Machinery Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, is a factory specializing in R & D, design, production and sales of various mechanical parts, non-standard automatic parts and other products, the company has 50 employees, with professional design and production capacity.
Our Service:China Machining, China machining factory, China Machining Service, CNC milling process, CNC Machining China, Grinding machine processing
The company has precision machining center, CNC lathe and other kinds of equipment 35sets, for many years engaged in processing and production of automotive ,equipment and automation parts and other small and medium-sized parts , providing various product solutions for customers. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and develop through cooperation with domestic and foreign companies such as Suzuki, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, DK Air Conditioning, Nidec. The company has complete import and export qualifications and looks forward to establishing cooperation with customers in various fields.

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China Machining,China Grinding Machining,China machining factory,China Machining Service,OEM Precision Micro Processing Service,CNC milling process,Chinese OEM CNC Turned,Stainless Steel Machining Our Service:China Machining, China machining factory, China Machining Service, CNC milling process, CNC Machining China, Grinding machine processing

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Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian


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Sell OEM factory cheap cnc machining China-Communication equipment par... (2021/3/4)

Sell customized stainless steel parts China-Solar equipment parts (2021/3/4)

Sell Cnc Machining Service Stainless Steel-Mask machine parts (2021/3/4)

Sell Plastic electrical part machining China-PVC part PET part (2021/1/5)

Sell OEM Professional Service High Precision Micro Processing CNC Mach... (2021/1/4)

Sell CNC steel turning milling China (2021/1/4)

Sell Custom Mini Precision Brass Machining (2021/1/4)

Sell cnc machining Flange processing China (2020/12/31)

Sell sheet metal parts machining China (2020/12/31)

Sell Small batch precision metal parts turning and milling (2020/12/31)

Sell Chinese OEM CNC Turned Plastic Aluminum Machining (2020/12/30)

Sell China Machining factory (2020/12/30)

Sell machining 5 axis cnc lathe parts China (2020/12/30)

Sell Chinese machining services (2020/12/29)

Sell Aluminum Stainless Steel Turning Parts (2020/12/29)

Sell Precision electronic accessories-Air conditioning parts processin... (2020/12/29)

Sell China CNC machining milling service (2020/12/28)

Stainless steel shaft machining China-Eccentric shaft machining (2020/12/28)

Sell Plastic electrical device processing China-Medical equipment part... (2020/12/28)

Sell Plastic components processing-Forehead temperature gun parts (2020/12/25)

Sell Custom Milling Service Part Cnc Machining-Semiconduc tor parts (2020/12/25)

Sell Stainless Steel Turning Machining Parts-Screw sleeve fastening (2020/12/25)

Sell China CNC machining services-Wire cutting (slow wire) processing (2020/12/23)

Sell Metal Parts Oem Fabrication China-Precision grinding machine proc... (2020/12/23)

Sell Turning And Milling Parts stainless steel China-Pulley (2020/12/23)

Sell custom made 304 stainless steel CNC milling-Eccentric shaft preci... (2020/12/22)

Sell Automatic  equipment  blade-Air  conditioning  pa... (2020/12/22)

Sell cnc machining mold part China-Mirror spark machining (2020/12/22)

Sell Hardware Products Metal CNC Machined Parts-Food packaging equipme... (2020/12/21)

Sell High Precision Micro Processing CNC Machining-Tire locator parts (2020/12/21)

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