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JinTongGuang Machinery (Dalian) Co., Ltd

JinTongGuang Machinery (Dalian) Co., Ltd(GRAND BELL) was established in 2002, specializing in the production of food and fish processing machinery, the company covers an area of 10,000 square meters,own 10 senior engineers and 30 technical workers.
Our machines has been sold to more than 30 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Ecuador, Vietnam, India, Russia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand etc.
All spare parts of our machines are imported from USA, such as knives, saw blades, etc.

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Our main products:China Fish Belly Splitting Machine(fish back splitting machine, fish fillet cutting machine), Fish Skin Remover Machine(Fish Skin Peeling Machine, Squid Skin Peeling Machine), squid cutting flower machine, squid ring cutting machine, squid slice machine, China Fish processing machinery, etc. China Fish processing machinery,Fish Belly Splitting Machine,fish back splitting machine,fish fillet cutting machine,Fish Skin Remover Machine,Fish Skin Peeling Machine,Squid Skin Peeling Machine,squid cutting flower machine,squid ring cutting machine,squid slice machine

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JinTongGuang Machinery (Dalian) Co., Ltd | China Fish processing machinery,Fish Belly Splitting Mach


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MS.Diana Qian
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Sell PEELING MACHINES for potatoes, roots, fruit (2021/6/24)

Sell peeling machine for Scallion Green Onions (2021/6/24)

Sell Scallion peeling machine Green Onions peeling machine (2021/6/22)

Sell Sweet potato peeling machine (2021/6/22)

Sell Peeling machine for Onion (2021/6/22)

Sell Onion peeling machine Onion peeler machine (2021/6/21)

Sell Potato peeling machine-Potato peeler machine (2021/6/21)

Sell Fish fillet cutting machine-Fish processing machinery (2020/8/18)

Sell Fish back splitting machine China factory (2020/8/18)

Sell Fish Belly Splitting Machine China Manufacturer (2020/8/18)

Sell Squid processing machinery-Skinning-C utting ring (2020/5/8)

Sell Squid Skinning machine China Manufacturer (2020/5/8)

Sell Catfish-Mackerel-Sal mon Skin Remover Machine China (2020/5/7)

Sell Fish fillet cutting machine Catfish- Mackerel -Salmon- Flounder -Trou... (2020/5/7)

Sell Fish Skin Peeling Machine Salmon-Flounder-Trou t-Tilapia (2020/5/7)

Sell Fish processing machinery-Catfish-Ma ckerel (2020/5/6)

Sell Squid Skinning and slicing processing machine (2020/5/6)

Sell Adjustable Cutting Squid Meat Thickness Machine (2020/5/6)

Sell Squid slice machine supplier China Manufacturer (2020/4/30)

Sell Squid ring cutting machine China factory (2020/4/30)

Sell Squid pattern cut machine China Manufacturer (2020/4/30)

Sell Wholesale squid flower machine (2020/4/29)

Sell Wholesale Squid cutting machine for flower shape China (2020/4/29)

Sell Cutting squid flowers China factory (2020/4/29)

Sell Squid cutting flower machine-squid processing machine (2020/3/31)

Sell Fish Skin Peeling Machine China Manufacturer (2020/3/31)

sell Fish Skin Remover Machine China factory (2020/3/31)

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